CREMOSA – Let’s organize our own sex party


… i want this super cream! the greasiest lube at the dark rooms. sticky and not excluding anything nor anyone. adventurously slippery. consciously losing our minds. with overflowing abundance. sweet as dulces. lacto-free if we want. your finger in my juice, jejeje. a cocktail of desires, dreams, dirtiness. spit your spit at me! swimming in a stream of promiscuity. an oil change please!

promises fulfilled. here and now. waves of pleasure breaking all dams. our milky bodies turning fluid. cruising the steam. pump up the beat! el latido es el ritmo de la noche. licking body liquids. the sweat off someone’s skin: nasty puddles. into the lotion of lust, drops, tears. even creamier as trans fat. like a juicy, overripe papaya: give us more! the horniest hotness is just … CREMOSA.

CREMOSA – an event, an adventure, a sex club. we build a queer space inviting you to have sex. we are focusing on pleasure and fun, awareness and inclusion, music and good energy. come and cruise with us!

self concepts of gender identity, desires and individual boundaries can be different at our event. consent is the key! check (ask!) whether this or that is ok is sexy.


techno-especial “darkroom-trance”, italolatinoromantico and  sexually obscure + sexed-up beats with sk.mize (mikrodisko rostock/alemania), dj huntertexas (ballroommedellín), tussi bi (homo elektrik, connwax label, leipzig/alemania), megalitos & diashi (tuntenhaus berlin)

you are our dream team for CREMOSA: all queer people like gays, trans, also lesbian women, non-binaries, heteroqueers, hiv+, femininxs, men who have sex with men, all lgbtiq+, fetishists, kings and queens, curious guys and those who like group action or romanticism in the darkroom.


naked human skin, seductive outfits, leggings, harness, lingerie, veils, sweat, wet, damp, waterproof, latex, plastic, jockstraps, nipples, wet T-shirts, wet skins, veiled skin.

how we handle safer sex: sex party means dealing with the possibility of infection with HIV and STIs. we’ll have some condoms at the info table, feel free to bring some more for your own use! sex without a condom is just as okay, e.g. for those who are undetectable or on PrEP, if this is communicated and agreed. If you are on on-demand PrEP and have forgotten your pills, you can also contact us. Regarding STIs, we recommend that you go for regular testing (every 3 months), ideally before such an event. If you are tested positive for a STI afterwards, let your sexual partners know.


in general: assume that your sexual partners can be theoretically hiv-positive and may have STIs. act responsible together with your sexpartners without shaming or stigmatising. protect yourself and others! in case you have questions or need support, come to our awareness counter at the entrance.

for more information about PrEP, undetectable, PEP and Kondome: read the articles on this website!

open doors from 18-19:00 (no entry afterwards, no re-entry), end of the event: 23:00 – cover $20.000, no tickets, no presale. limited capacity (just come early), without outfit: no entry. we will publish the venue and address and a codeword on thursday. the venue is located close to the center of Pereira. no photo policy: taking pictures is not allowed. we’ll cover your phone cams with a sticker. information about the after party will be provided at the event.


we accept requests of people with low income for discounts. write a email with your name and request to and we’ll put the first 10 people on a list. please be very responsible using this option. everyone at CREMOSA works for free and we use the cover to finance our activist work.

We want Cremosa to be a safe space for everyone, and we will actively work to ensure this. Throughout the event, a team of us will be in charge of looking after the space collectively (you can identify us by the reflective yellow waistcoats we will be wearing, and you can also find us at a stand that will be located at the entrance). Feel free to come to us if you feel unsafe and/or uncomfortable, or if you are a witness or victim of harassment/abuse or discriminatory violence. We will always act in the best interests of the person(s) who feel violated, and will intervene as far as the person(s) concerned will allow.
Remember to always ask for and respect the consent of others: NO means NO, and if it is not a resounding yes, it means also NO. Also be aware that when sexual practices are accompanied by substance use, the boundaries of consent are more difficult to identify and communicate. Asking is always the sexiest thing you can do.
If you want to contact us after the event to express any situation that happened there or to make any recommendation for upcoming events, you can write to us through our instagram: @lovelazers.


“The universe, Brazil, hot cement, shining concrete, skin and modernism from South America. Making his way, the photographer finds openings into the fleshes of the city, tunnels to poppers and samba orgies; the gay underground of sex dances and poses for the explorer’s camera. Strolls along the rocks, cruising, Abricó Beach, the white beauty of a full frontal male nude drawn over an overexposed sky, 35mm. Saliva, dumbbells, and yellow cocaine on the dark beach, where the veiled chemical of analog film turns into the night haze, red sand lost mistily over the perfect bronzed backs of Carioca boys, a direct unfiltered shot.” Text by Ilsa Wolf

at CREMOSA we’ll show a selection of analog photos of Adán Romero of his last big trip to Brazil. He is photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, male scouter and documentary photo producer, in the field of sexuality, underground gay culture and connection with the current urban context. Adan is cooperating with love lazers for the ritmo de la noche sticker series, which is part of our campaign about healthy and joyful night life and harm reduction in the sexparty and chemsex scenes in Colombia and Germany. Adan contributes to this project since being a young gay man who freely experiences his sexuality, and consequently produces homoerotic art. Showing the joy of live can be an powerful act of rejecting stigmas and taboos.





SHOOT US FAR OUT ON CHEMS (but how to get back down?)

sooo hot y’day. thx for showing me heaven!

but then you (almost) passed out: was it all good?

couldn’t stop fucking you. or should i have?

if this was overstepping, sorry for that

let’s meet + talk.

Respecting each other’s boundaries means making sure the other person wants what you’re doing to them. When you’re high on chems, it’s sometimes hard to tell. A red flag is when someone is no longer responsive and can not express consent/rejection. Non-consensual sex can be harass and assault (even rape). Don’t become a perpetrator! So ask! If there is no clear yes, that means NO. And if something doesn’t go well: Talk and apologise. Because fun is only really fun when we have it together!

Read our chemsex user reports here.



Mephisto, 27: Chemsexonaut I’m looking for high fun on G with hot guys.

Super sex and being high? Fun for two? Or group/chill? I take care of myself and others. No matter what substance I use, I follow the recommendations on safer use!

G (GHB/GBL) is metabolised in the body within 60 minutes. Taking more G beforehand harbours the risk of overdosing! Remember the exact time of intake (as a note, in the chat or by timer). Follow the recommendations for intake and find out about safer use:

G Substance -Info here.



© Love Lazers, Pereira COL 2024. Todos los derechos reservados por Love Lazers. Todas las fotos de CREMOSA por @elescarlosph, fotógrafo y videoartista de Berlín y Pereira. gracias a los modelos. sticker  © Love Lazers, Berlin y Colombia 2024, diseño: Diashi, sticker "Mephisto": modelo JP Jean Paul, foto de Pink Punk Berlin, sticker "no los pegamos" modelos Thomas y Paul, foto de Adan Romero. Love Lazers esta invitado a CREMOSA, el evento esta bajo la responsabilidad de un pequeño grupo de maricas de Risaralda/Colombia.gracias a todes por hacer esto posible.