BE A LOVE LAZER – Declaration

Good News – An activist pronouncement in nine points

Lazer 9

For those of us who stop the virus through knowledge. For those who are Information-fighter-cells, and those who do not judge emotion. Those who want no compensation for information and those who don’t consider Copyright© more important than content. Those who consider the system systemic. Those who write against separation. Those who argue the Techno-Logical and partisan, and those who understand body contact as central communication. For those who succumb to the poetry of factual information, and for those of us who dismantle discourse: They will be an Info Lazer.

Lazer 8

Those of us, whom Aids is still a crisis and those of us, whom “undetectable” is a reason to celebrate. Those who urge: Therapy for everyone in this world, and those who do not brush away real stigmas. Those who still mourn in times of total medicalisation. Those who will be blocked for their Serostatus. Those who do not get tested and those of us who do not take their pills. Those whose genital warts don’t disappear. Those who make themselves immortal as an error code. Those whose longtime companions: have seen death. Freshly Pozz´d. Contamination as mutation. Those who despite wheelchairs and crutches have not drowned yet, their future firmly in sight. For those of us, whom HIV is the best thing that happened to them: They will be a Viral Lazer.

Lazer 7

For those of us who risk their life for a good fuck and those who out themselves as fags on a carousel of over-masculine behaviour. Those whose clean excuses are neither top or bottom. Those of us who flout romance. Those of us who are taking a high price. For those who reproduce bare Lazers and those who are an irresistible viral vector in the saliva of others. Those who are sluts, fancied by sexbots. Those who cuddle with plants. Those of us who do not only fuck for Peace and Love, and for those of us that fuck with everyone. Those of us who aren’t fucking anymore. Those of us who have a nest in the darkroom. Those of us who are always on: They will be a Sex Lazer.

Lazer 6

For those of us who take medication just for fun, who steal patents for others, and those of us who take a bath in the untreated wastewater of the pharma-industrial complex. Those that are being digitally exposed. Those who remain confident even though the engine of innovation still has no vaccine on the market. For whom PrEP should have been the revolution. Those who cut off the hormone economy’s head and holds cyber-alchemical rituals and those who hack health and print antiretroviral therapy in the 3D printer without permission: They will be a Healing Lazer.

Lazer 5

For those of us who love the infinite. Those who do not stop at excess and who give others a good departure. Those infected because we were high and those whom drug maturity in an anti-pleasure world remains a contradiction. Those of us who do not rise above the misery of street drug use and those who want to fuck harder and want to cuddle softer. Those who use intoxicants medically and for those who don’t want to be taxed for being high. Those who slam, even though the social exclusion is endless, and those who do not slam, because the risk is too much to bear. Those who expose ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ propaganda. Those who cannot say whether it is being high or life in general that make us depressed – and for those who do not demonise a substance. Those of us who use doping to eke out our last energy reserves and for those of us who wants to be one with the oceans, everything and everyone: They will be an Ecstasy Lazer.

Lazer 4

Those of us who settle in continents of plastic waste and are at home everywhere and nowhere. Those who offer solidarity and symbiosis between ecological ruins. Redefine nature and normality. Those who make elective affinities. Those that do not turn polyamory into ideology. Those who break themselves from the shackles of the self. Anyone who sees bodies as DIY laboratories and allow effortless crossovers. Those who find glitches beautiful. Celebrating fluidity. Those of us who think Queerness obsolescent and yet indissoluble: They will be a Rave Lazer.

Lazer 3

Those of us who speculate in Future Perfect tense. Those who no longer separate the Internet and reality. Those who form networks of care. Those who provide an open source tool for radical networking. Communicate by meme. Take the head out of the cloud. Those who still dream of electric sheep. Anyway, those who do not want to abandon the old cyberpunk utopias. Those who see themselves as a human biocomputer connected to a network called the world. Really trendy: They will have been a Virtual Lazer.

Lazer 2

Those of us who are for it and not against it. Those who translate basic rhizomatic decisions into action. Those who do not own love, but share it. Those who understand that everything is connected with everything and nobody survives alone. Those who recognise their own privileges. Those who think locally and act globally. For whom anger remains a driver, though a cool head thinks much further: Act Up! 120 BPM! Without bitterness. Doing exactly the opposite. Those who clenche the acti-fist: They will be an Activist Lazer.

Lazer 1

Spectral rays of highest precision and energy. Swords hitting breaches in walls. Speculation that travels and races with the light. Enlightenment of infinite range. Victory over boredom. Thwart the prescribed harmony. These coherent lazers place their fingers into the furthest wound, the darkness of universal ignorance. Power activated! Individually, together: bundle us into a starry tail. Everyone will be a Love Lazer.





virtuellestheater & Love Lazers

Berlin, May 2019.


PDF: BE A LOVELAZER declaration (371kB)

This text was – accompanied by a laser show – proclaimed in Leipzig first time (19.5.2019, Pillenrealität/­IfZ). We would like to sincerely thank Sven, Kurt, Sage, Jacob, Alessio, Sergio, Hannah, John, Jérémy, Krausi and all who are Love Lazers.

Video: lazer programation [sic!] by krvt/poly|motion berlin; music: “aldebaran remix” by diashi, 2019.

© Love Lazers 2019. Photo: “Boulevard Périphérique 1-3” by Diashi.